Sunday School and Small Groups

Sunday School

Sunday school classes meet at 9:45am on Sundays.  There are a variety of classes from which to choose.

Fellowship Hall-Grace Class

Grace class is both a small group as well as Sunday school for adult women of all ages. Bible studies are topical, geared towards growth in Christ and discipleship. Prayer time is also part of our end-of-class time. The Bible studies are geared towards material for women, as to how what is studied in Scripture may be applied to daily life. Group discussion enhances what has been worked on at home the previous week. Periodically we have breakfast socials to encourage friendships. Visitors to class are always welcome around our table!

A6-The Alfred Saul’s Bible Class

 Our course of study is Bible Studies for Life by Lifeway which ties Scripture to daily living and Decipleship.  Class is for men of any age and all are welcome.

A5-Adult II Class

This class is for adults or singles.

A4-Adult Bible Study Class


The purpose of our Small Groups is to encourage our church members to actively pursue two of our core values of discipleship and community. Each Small Group is designed to lead you to a deeper relationship with Christ through discipleship and to deeper relationships with your brothers and sisters in Christ through community. While not all Small Groups are alike, all Groups have the same focus and leaders working towards the same goal. Small groups include time for community.