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The purpose of our Small Groups is to encourage our church members and attenders to actively pursue two of our core values of discipleship and community. Each Small Group is designed to lead you to a deeper relationship with Christ through discipleship and to deeper relationships with your brothers and sisters in Christ through community. While not all Small Groups are alike, all Groups have the same focus and leaders working towards the same goal.


Sunday Mornings 9:45

The Grace Group  A3

Connections Group Class  FH

The Harvest Group – C3

The Bond Group – Prayer Room

Marshall Sauls Men’s Study – A6

The Vessel Group – – A5

Sunday Mornings 11:00

 The Redemption Group – A1

Sunday Afternoon 1:30

The Hands and Feet Group – A1

Weeknight Groups

Friday Night                                                        

The Anchor                                                  

The Anchor is a small group that rotates between houses every Friday night. See Nate Halubka for more info.

Friday Nights                                                         

Young Married Small Group                                               

Contact Chris Sauls for more info.